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A few improv posts

August 25, 2014

Not sure why I didn’t just cross-post both here and at Around the Block when I started posting there. And I’m not posting there all that much, honestly. But here are links to a few improv posts I made there this year. Two of them include improv exercises.

Jan. 26: Why Improv? Because Everything Matters (exercise: Godot)

Feb. 4: Use Badprov to Make Goodprov (exercise: Badprov)

Jul. 7: I’ve Seen a Lot of Ass Cracks (no exercise, but bonus video from SNL)

And here are a few other posts I like from Seattle improvisers:

Give a Damn by Elicia Wickstead

What We Talk About When We Talk About Questions by Chris Allen (note: this link goes to his general blog, so something else may have bumped to the top of the page if clicked later down the road)

Rehearsal Diary – 08.18.2014 by Ian Schempp

3 Thoughts on Robin Williams by Jet City Improv cast members

So there ya go: a little improv reading. Enjoy!

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